Saturday, 28 May 2011

Is your glass half Tesla?

Having spent over 20 years in the electric vehicle industry including a stint with Zero

Motorcycles as Canadian Director of Sales and Marketing and Board Member with 
Electric Mobily Canada, I am not one to let a good EV thing pass. Do you agree that
EVs and sustainbility are a good thing? Not all the news is good, but it does depend 
a lot on if your glass is half empty or half full.

Cynics might say I am crazy for continuing to kick the EV and sustainability can as
there is just too much apathy out there and reason to choose an easier path towards
making a difference in this world. Today, I admit, when reading a post on Tesla stock
dropping $4.54, or 15% to $25.55, I felt a little bummed out.

But wait! Reading on, I discovered that the cause for the stock drop was a general 
sentiment that the Tesla team might be in over their heads because all the other auto
OEMs have embraced EVs stronger than expected and they just might run over Elon
Musk and his dreams of becoming the IT wunderkin gone auto exec that helped turn
the tide on saving the planet.

So worst case at this very preliminary juncture in the North American EV rollout, is
that Tesla's gorgeous hi-performance Roadster and Model S may or may not survive
at least according to some analysts and become the uber sexy EV brand that 
dominates the streets in ten years. We may just have to continue to listen to the 
naysayers and critics snicker at the round of "quirky looking EV nerd-mobiles" that are
coming to market a little longer. 

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